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Valkyrie Squad

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If you like swords, books, feeling stronger in your body and/or have wanted a friend group that feels equal parts slumber party and epic warrior clan, come join us!


Valkyrie Squad is the single most supportive program and community I've ever been part of. The workouts are fun, and have so many modifications that nothing is ever impossible. It’s so flexible and sustainable, I've found it hard to fail. I feel strong, confident, and excited to work out every day and challenge myself. If there's one thing you do with 20 minutes of your day, it should be a Valkyrie Squad workout, and at least a pit stop in the discord for a minute.


The Valkyrie Squad has been the breath of fresh air I needed to renew my fitness routine and motivation! By the Novice week four I can feel an improvement in my balance, core strength, and strength of just regular daily activities (carrying a heavy load up the stairs). This program is awesome!


These workouts are KILLER. Not only are they fun but they are challenging. It's so refreshing to get a workout without it feeling scripted. These gals are so authentically themselves and bring something different to the table. You've got it all with this crew and they keep surprising me with their new offerings and themes. Cannot recommend enough!


I've been working out with Samantha and the Micro Squad crew since before the pandemic started and these workouts have helped me stay in shape these last two years. In addition to challenging workouts, the instructors are fun, funny, and put together the best playlists. The Geek Gym portion speaks to my nerd girl heart. I look forward to every new workout or replaying some of my faves.


As a beginner these classes taught me so much but also really challenged me! I love all of the different themes and types of classes, it helps me stay motivated :) all the instructors are so fun and engaging. The different membership levels make it accessible for everyone!


Sometimes I only have 10 minutes and it's nice to be able to find a 10 minute session quickly! also love how relatable and fun the different themes are. it makes working out accessible, even when I can't make it to the gym. (plus I feel like I have a friend in the trainers.)


Love how you motivate us to be strong and able to kick ass and not about how we look. Your videos are great!!!! 


I'm in school, it's a lot of work & not a great health-focused environment; I needed a community of book-lovers who had similar life and health goals to mine. I needed a community of people who would work out with me, be bookish, and encourage me to keep going (or rest) when I need it most. The SJM bookish online community has already made me feel less alone & the Valkyrie Squad was what I was missing from my life. I’ve never been more motivated to be healthy despite the awful hours of school and work, continue my bookish love, and just generally be happy. I feel SO much better, happier, healthier in the 2 months I’ve been part of the Squad.

What the Squad has to say

Here's just a glimpse at some of the fandoms/themes you'll find in the magic & sparkle memberships:

"When you say 'The Limit Does Not Exist... ?' "

Sarah J Maas Books – obvi

(See Valkyrie Squad) and other BookWYRM themes such as: Dawn Court, Spring Court, Winter Court, Book Tropes, etc.


Family friendly or just for the big kid in all of us!

Harry Potter

Be fucking magical as you workout with your House or train to be part of the Quidditch team!

Supernatural, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Mortal Kombat, The Witcher, FRIENDS, The Office, Brigerton– The puns are too good. "Ladies in Weighting," I mean, c'mon.

TV Shows

Star Wars

Spanning galaxies & generations, whether you’re a jedi or sith, jump into lightspeed and sweat with us!

Zodiac Workouts

Written in the stars to perfectly align with you 💫

Mean GIrls

You can TOTALLY workout with us... even if you’re not wearing pink.

Bend and snap into this workout with a playlist to help you win your case.


Legally Blonde

Lord of the Rings

Partner in True Crime

Stay sexy, and don't get murdered. If that's not motivating, we don't know what is...

Artists Series

Taylor Swift, ABBA, Avril Lagvine, Britney Spears, Harry Styles & more.

Sing and workout alongside the Squad to your favorite show tunes.

Travel through middle earth with us as we carry the one (Bala) ring to rule all workouts.

So, yeah. The limit does. not. exist.

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