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Listen in to hear Sam talk about Valkyrie history, fitness & nutrition, mindstilling, mental health, books and everything relating to the Valkyrie Squad. There will be incredible guests on the podcasts to talk about their own stories with Valkyrie Squad and bring their expertise to all different topics of conversation.


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Your host Sam, The Mother of Valkyries, is the owner of The Micro Squad. She is a fitness instructor and personal trainer while running a business for 10+ years. Taking years of experience in martial arts, a degree in kinesiology and athletic training, and multiple fitness certifications she has brought The Valkyrie Squad to Life.

The Micro Squad is a virtual gym with Pilates-based classes to take from the comfort of your home! All the instructors are certified with years of experience behind them. Equipped with knowledge to bring you a safe and challenging workout that is sure to leave you shaking and aching for more.

The Valkyrie Squad is a 4-month long program that begins with the basics of working out as a Novice, transitions to learning fighting techniques with Blade, and concludes by mastering your body and mind and achieving the status of Valkyrie. Ataraxia month levels up your training and skills to build muscle endurance, balance, and strength.

Meet the Host

Valkyrie Andrea

I just got to the part in the book where Nesta finally starts training with Cassian and I understand why you make us do what we do during Novice. It's awesome and hilarious because when I started I was just as out of shape as Nesta.

I understand why you make us do what we do

Valkyrie Dez

So my sister found my boxing gloves and so I’m practicing, saying, “cross, uppercut, jab, jab, cross,” and my sister goes," What are you doing?” So I put day 2 blade on and she says, “Wait, this teaches you how to fight? And I’m like, “No, this teaches me to be a warrior.” Needless to say, I will probs be buying her a subscription so she can continue when she goes back to college

this teaches me to be a warrior

Valkyrie Mariah

I can't BELIEVE I just did Valkyrie day 1 and it's time to sing Sam's praises yet again because I have never really used a prop sword (or a real one, to clarify ) in my life and yet so much of that felt natural? It amazes me how much of the program has been building up not only the muscles needed to be a valkyrie but also the general movements and literally training my brain to move that way before we ever got to swinging swords around

It's Time To Sing Sam's Praises Yet Again!

Valkyrie Megan

Ok I am loving the sword drills! Thank you Sam for creating this and making my childhood dream come true. While all my friends wanted to be princesses I wanted to be a Jedi or knight. I feel so badass doing the drills with my practice sword. The little girl in me is giggling with joy.

I feel so badass doing the drills with my practice sword!